Exotic Dream Weddings Jamaica 
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Suite 6, 126 Main Street, Ocho Rios,
St. Ann, Jamaica
Exotic Cascading Waterfall
This beautiful cascading waterfall is a perfect backdrop for your romantic rendezvous with destiny vowing to love each other for all eternity. Situated a couple hundred feet above sea level but only a ten minutes drive from the cruise port, this wedding site boasts a breathtaking view of the Caribbean Sea. Every inch of this property is beautiful. Absolutely great scenery, from the beautifully manicured lawns to an awesome variety of flora and fauna found on the grounds of this well kept gardens. This natural Exotic Cascading Waterfall is an astounding sight to behold. This enchanting setting is like a dream come true, this is Paradise the perfect place to begin your beautiful life together.
Exotic Church Site 2 This church is situated only 15 minutes from the town centre of Ocho Rios. Jamaica. It is a beautifully designed Church. It overlooks the Caribbean Sea which makes for great backdrops for wedding pictures. The church is very spacious and boasts beautiful stone walls and a quiet, peaceful and pleasant atmosphere.
Exotic Sandy Beach
If you vision your dream wedding  to be in a place of peaceful ambiance with only the sounds of the ocean in the background, then escape to our exotic sandy beach setting. Tranquil waters surround you and serve as witnesses as you make your commitment to each other in this beautiful romantic setting.

Exotic Tropical Garden Gazebo
Your wedding ceremony and/ or reception takes place in or around a beautiful all white gazebo, set amidst tropical paradise of flowers surrounded by lush green manicured lawns. Nature lovers this romantic, enchanting is the precious love spot and is quietly tucked away just five minutes from the cruise pier and Ocho Rios town.


Exotic Hotel

Nestled in the middle of OchoRios, this hotel caters for bothsmall and large weddings. Its’ beautifully manicured lawns and lush green gardens with beautiful foliage surrounding makes for the perfect getaway – the ideal place to exchange your vows. Be it by the wedding gazebo or on the beautiful lawn this classy restaurant is one of the most popular venues used bycouples to “tie the knot”
Birds Nest
Top Lawn
Bottom Lawn
Exotic Breeze Hotel

Cascading Enchanting Waterfall
This Exotic cascading natural waterfall is perched at the end of a boardwalk of a private resort makes for  a perfectly  romantic setting in enchanting ambiance as you both whisper “I do” and make your pledges one to the other witnessed by lush green flora and the thunderous applause of a beautiful waterfall.

Exotic  Country Chapel
Set on 1,000 Acres of Tropical Paradise - The perfect setting for your wedding. Have a traditional ceremony at the picturesque Exotic Chapel, shown below, located in the midst of a tropical plantation.
These old stone cut walls have witnessed many “tie the knot”. Whisper the words “I Do” in this Enchanting fairytale setting. Located just ten minutes from the town of Ocho Rios this beautiful quaint chapel sets the path for a peaceful and romantic atmosphere and an unforgettable private wedding.

Exotic Sunset Beach
Imagine a beautiful sunset with a variation colors. Beautiful orange and yellow colored skies set a top perfect ocean blue Caribbean Sea waters. We have for you the perfect beach location where we capture the moment as the world seems to stand still and you make your promise of enduring love amidst a fairytale backdrop to “die for”
Exotic Mountainside Ocean View
Imagine a breathtaking setting with a panoramic view that overlooks the bay, high atop the mountains surrounded by greenery. Exchange your wedding vows amidst tropical splendor and beautiful foliage, with unimaginable tranquility in a romantic atmosphere.

The Exotic at the Falls Waterfall
Nestled in the town of Ocho Rios is this quaint rustic wedding venue. The Exotic at the Falls boasts a beautiful natural waterfall surrounded by lush greenery and beautiful wedding halls and rooms. At this is a most picturesque and romantic setting for lovers. Commit yourselves to each other at this ideal location. Choose from one of the halls or areas below for your reception.

P1 Wedding Hall
P. 1 Wedding Hall - Air conditioned wedding hall. Holds up to 250 pax


The Long room holds up to 80 pax

P2 Wedding Hall

P2 can hold 250 persons maximum. The P2 wedding hall is air conditioned.