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Special Services

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Release of White Doves
The releasing of doves is a symbolic ritual performed by couples signifying the purity and peace of their wedded love. Releasing of the doves, couples believe is a way of ensuring that the type of devotion doves display to each other will be bestowed on the bride and groom as the dove is released with it's mate. Dove releases are an elegant and beautiful touch to a wedding ceremony.


Unity Candle
The lighting of the unity candle symbolizes the union of two hearts and two families. Two candles representing the couple individually are used to light a single centre candle indicating the commitment and bond between the two, a symbol of unity, life and a visual celebration of the joining of two hearts as one.


Sand Ceremony
The Sand ceremony symbolizes two separate lives being joined together. Sand of two different colors is poured from individual containers into a third container. This represents the uniting of two separate lives and represents the holy bond between husband and wife. Just like the grains of sands can never again be separated, so shall your marriage be. (Excerpt from Kahlil Gibran)


Limousine Services
Red carpet style that’s how we like to do it! Drive to and or from your wedding in a beautiful white or black limousine with leather interiors, bottles of champagne in a loaded refrigerator and soft wedding music in the background. A nicely attired driver in suit and white gloves says it all. Arrive in a limousine, arrive in style after all a limousine spells class and what a delightful way to start or end the most memorable day in your life!!



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