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Dinner Menu for Weddings

Please choose a menu and we will price it for you. If you do not see a menu that you like let us know and we will send you a listing for you to Custom Build a Menu for yourself.


Exotic Horsdoeuvres Menu
Please make your own menu from the items below. Choose minimum Five (5) Items.

Item Cost per Person Item Cost perperson
 (US$)  (US$)

Grilled Chicken


Jerk Chicken


Jerk Pork   $6.00 BBQ Chicken $6.00
Plantain Wrapped in bacon $7.00 Chicken wings $8.00
Escoveitch Fish $7.00 Spicy beef kebabs       $9.00
Shrimp $18.00 Vegetable Crudités $7.00
Assorted sandwiches $6.00 Garlic Bread


Assorted desserts $6.00 Smoked Salmon $20.00
Assorted Breads $4.00 Codfish fritters $5.00
Stamp and Go $5.00 Cheese and Crackers


Jerk Sausage $6.00 Conch $17.00
Fruit Kebabs $10.00 Chips and Dip


Exotic Menu Options

Please choose from this list your desired choice for your banquet or wedding reception. Some of the dishes attract different prices, so after completing your choices we will tally your total price. Have fun custom building your own EXOTIC MENU for your special day!

Ice sculpture depicting function theme for example wedding (two doves) or (two swans) (love birds) (company logos) etc. cost US$60 per block.

In a case where you don't see what you desire on this menu list, please rest assured that we can do it the way you want it to be done.

Based on our experience and expertise we also do functions in ethnic themes food stations for example – Chinese – or Asian- Italian –French-Jamaican-European- Caribbean, or any of your desired taste.

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